It’s 2018… Play like it.

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New way to play
and view game

Follow the action like never before with no more busted brackets! Go ahead - change your winning teams’ choices mid-game, adjust your bracket at anytime during the entire tournament. Anytime, anywhere.

DynamicBrackets is the only way to play tournament brackets. From the tip-off of the first game of the first round, to the final buzzer of the championship, you are in control of your bracket. No more "fill-out-and-forget-it" after submitting it.


Our cutting-edge graphics make you take in all the info "at a glance" of your screen. Be it multiple games' scores, news, stats, play-by-play, whatever you need to manage not only your bracket, but your pools as well.

02 Dynamic

change winners in live,
bracket, features

This is what we mean by "It’s 2018. Play like it". Your favorite team just not up to it on game day? On the wrong side of a “Cinderella story” or two? Change your winning team choices anytime, even during the game. Watch the action and stay in the competition to win, right til the final buzzer of the championship game.

From the GAME or the BRACKET screen, command your choice of teams you select to win, and automatically update your choices. You choose what notifications you need to stay on top of your game; your team down by 10?, game about to end and your team is losing? We got you covered.


Forget those old carved in stone "static" brackets,  Never be locked in again. Beware of those other sites that can't make our claim of "ANYTIME, ANYWHERE".

03 Bracket

Change and

Never have a busted bracket again. Easily fill out your bracket with our waterfall feature, showing you how your bracket is shaping up, team by team, keeping you from getting lost between the rounds.

Ever wish you could have a 2nd chance? How ‘bout a 3rd or 4th? DynamicBrackets makes this a reality with you able to score big in the later rounds. Change your team choices even in the middle of the game, with automatic updating to your bracket. And if your bracket needs attention, you're notified to take action, at the speed of light.


From the tip off of the first game of the first round, you’re not out til the the championship game clock hits 00:00.

04 Pools

Create, find, connect,
global pools

Just registering and filling out a bracket automatically enters you in the GLOBAL POOL; yep you against everyone else in the world ok, against every other person in the app...), no matter if they're in any of your personal, business, whatever pool, you're a member. But don't stop there ...

In an instant, create, personalize, and manage your own championship pools like never before. Invite friends, family, coworkers, customers, etc. (no limit!), to join your pool in seconds. With leader-boards, chat rooms, your custom graphics, and more, make your pools stand out in a big way, levels above any of the current competition's sites, brackets, and pools...



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To speedbrackets
hi Dad!
SB is dedicated to you,
in your memory,
and for all you taught me.
MU, LU tons! xo
For you, my son.
TY for all you are,
and the joy and
love you bring.
So proud of you.
Fight the fight.
Stay strong.
Gotcherback –
For the one I love
with all my heart.
TY for teaching me
so much, and bringing
wonderful joy into my life.
Yours, forever. xo